Blue Heaven Island

Bora Bora - French Polynesia


Blue Heaven is a quaint 5-bungalow family pension located on a private island across from Bora Bora. Our amenities are rustic; we offer ceiling fans rather than air conditioning, a crystal clear lagoon as a pool, intermittent wireless because we use solar power to run the island…I think you get the idea. We like things simple and comfortable here.

Your days will be filled with long naps, swimming & kayaking our amazing coral reefs or strolls through the unspoiled South Pacific splendor. Your nights will be brightened by a sky showcasing billions of stars. And did I mention our amazing food? So…

Come Get Lost!


Bora Bora is remote. Exactly! But it's not as far away as you might imagine. From Europe, Asia, North and South America's, it is less than a full days travel. Considering its splendor, it's a trip worth taking.

From Los Angeles - 9 hours
From Paris - 20 hours
From New York - 13 hrs
From Hawaii - 6 hrs

From Tokyo - 12 hrs
From Hong Kong - 14hrs
From Brasilia - 14 hrs
From Sydney - 18 hours